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Longing to Return to Paradise
24 May 2020
No trophy Sunday, no session the night before with mates in a Glasgow watering hole followed by a few night-caps in a Glasgow hotel residents bar with fellow fans No nipping next door for a kebab or a sausage supper, curry sauce optional No waking up slightly hung-over on match-day, No strong coffee or bacon bap, No text or phone calls ANY SPARES! No Celtic AM, No quick...
Fairytale of Celtic…. Brown & Forrest Forever Present
19 May 2020
Celtic fans celebrated into the early hours of the morning and some will be waking up today with both hangovers and big smiles as the Celtic Fairytale continues Car horns could be heard in the Belfast evening air, pockets of fans visited Celtic Park and I’m hearing that some fans even celebrated outside Ibrox More than 90 Minutes Celtic Ezine Quarterly Digital...
Self-Isolation down Ibrox way as Celtic Celebrate
18 May 2020
The Rangers fans are set to continue to self isolate long into the summer after Celtic were confirmed champions of Scotland for the 9th season in a row It is hard to see Celtic fans celebrating throughout the World for these once loyal servants of Rangers 14 Digital Editions including new issue 108 The fans of this new club are known by many as Sevconians, although...
The Ronnie Roar- Four Years On
15 May 2020
Ronnie Deila was Manager of Celtic for two years He is however hard to classify as either a "good" Manager or a "bad" one In fact he is probably the most difficult of the lot to analyse Maley and Stein were good Brady, Mowbray and Barnes were awful and the rest are somewhere to the positive or the negative 14 Digital Editions including new issue 108   But...
Bobby Murdoch -How Changing Position Changed the World
15 May 2020
  Not the least of the problems that faced Jock Stein when he arrived at Celtic in March 1965 was what to do with Bobby Murdoch Since his debut in August 1962, no one had denied that the boy had talent - but there had been little doubt that he was also an under-performer who promised a lot more than he delivered It was of course very easy to blame it all on the chaotic...
Planning for the 10 as the Vultures Circle Celtic Park
14 May 2020
With the 9-IAR practically secured, it is time to look forward to next season, whenever it will commence Clearly a seminal season of course with 10-IAR on the horizon This record achievement must be secured and some steps will have to be taken to make certain that it happens 14 Digital Editions including new issue 108    Firstly, Fraser Forster must be kept...
Can Hearts really claim they don’t deserve to go down?
13 May 2020
  Well, the older and more cynical I have gotten – the less and less I believed the football bubble would eventually burst Rampant capitalism surely would catch up on the game as a whole at some point, I used to reason, but as years passed and transfer fees and wages (in particular) went from huge to gargantuan to downright disgusting and the TV companies and...
Time to Crown Celtic Champions and get a realistic plan in place for next season
12 May 2020
  The time has come for Celtic to be crowned Champions of Scotland The talking must stop Enough is enough, votes have been cast, statements have been issued, even a long awaited dossier delivered with little substance, an EGM called, endless debates on radio and we even had a club with no spare cash, who might still have a legacy debt to a face painter talking about...
The Whitewashing of Rangers
11 May 2020
  As Celtic & Rangers lined up pre-match at Celtic Park in early May, there was very little at stake for Celtic The championship had already been won, the league trophy was in the boardroom and the player’s league winner’s medals were safely tucked away at home Only one issue was still to be decided Could Celtic complete a whitewash of their Glasgow...
9th of May 1998 was the day that Celtic took the pain away…..
9 May 2020
When two second half Andy Walker goals in a minute helped Celtic defeat Dundee in April 1988 to secure the title in front of an estimated 80,000 fans, few would have thought it would be another 10 years before a Celtic captain would lay his hands on the SPL trophy  But so it proved The season before Souness had arrived in Glasgow and he won the league at his first attempt as...
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