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Time to Crown Celtic Champions and get a realistic plan in place for next season
12 May 2020
  The time has come for Celtic to be crowned Champions of Scotland The talking must stop Enough is enough, votes have been cast, statements have been issued, even a long awaited dossier delivered with little substance, an EGM called, endless debates on radio and we even had a club with no spare cash, who might still have a legacy debt to a face painter talking about...
The Whitewashing of Rangers
11 May 2020
  As Celtic & Rangers lined up pre-match at Celtic Park in early May, there was very little at stake for Celtic The championship had already been won, the league trophy was in the boardroom and the player’s league winner’s medals were safely tucked away at home Only one issue was still to be decided Could Celtic complete a whitewash of their Glasgow...
9th of May 1998 was the day that Celtic took the pain away…..
9 May 2020
When two second half Andy Walker goals in a minute helped Celtic defeat Dundee in April 1988 to secure the title in front of an estimated 80,000 fans, few would have thought it would be another 10 years before a Celtic captain would lay his hands on the SPL trophy  But so it proved The season before Souness had arrived in Glasgow and he won the league at his first attempt as...
Rangers & the Blame Game – Celtic Still Here for 10 in a Row
8 May 2020
  The daily news updates on Covid 19 have become part of the norm as have the demented Sevco fans ranting and raving on Social Media as their leaders over at Ibrox continue to spout out crap about foul play around Hampden, while they continue to pull the wool over their loyal fans eyes They are even rolling old Stevie G out with a wee statement here or a sound bite...
Celtic Away Days – Sarajevo Revisited
7 May 2020
  A year on to the day from when a few of us wandered along to watch Banants Yerevan play Sarajevo in a Europa League Qualifier we were paired up with our old friends from Bosnia Last time round we all supported Sarajevo on the basis we had all bet on them, this time we had our own team to support 14 Digital Editions including new issue 108 With no direct...
First came Rangers then came Sevco all Skelped on April 29
7 May 2020
  Many of us are looking back at old games and moments in our history at present in order to get our Celtic fix, with withdrawal symptoms I’m sure common in many of the faithful Bus conveners and guys running CSC’s are also I’m sure enjoying an aspect of the break but it’s fair to say that life is currently a lot less exciting without the joy of the Celtic...
Summer of 69
4 May 2020
  It was a long hot summer in 1969, the Beatles were walking across Abbey Road, the Viet Cong were crossing the Mekong Delta after the Tet offensive and the Battle of Hamburger Hill, Neil Armstrong was taking 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind', and playing a bit of golf on the Lunar planet, Jan Palach immolates himself in Prague, Gaddafi takes over...
3 May 2020
  Goalless draws are not, by their nature, usually great events They are usually accompanied by jeers, catcalls and “we’re no’ comin’ back” Fans feel cheated Football is, after all, about scoring goals “Nae goals, nae fitba!” Annual Magazine Subscription There are however exceptions One egregious example of this was April 25 1967, a Tuesday...
May Madness 1999 – 21 years on
2 May 2020
  In the last twenty years they Police have done their utmost to avoid a title decider between Celtic and the team that plays out of Ibrox It all goes back to a game that was played on the 3rd of May 1999 Rangers won three nil to clinch the league but this day will always be known as the ' Hugh Dallas game' I certainly won't forget that May Bank Holiday weekend in a...
136,505 fanatical Celtic supporters and I was there
29 April 2020
  There are times in your life that you just know will never be repeated, 15th April 1970 was one such night I've been going to Glasgow over 50 years since that night I’ve seen many great teams leave 'Paradise' with their tails between their legs as the most atmospheric stadium in Europe claimed another victim, 80,000 in the old days, 60,000 now with Zadok the...
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