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The Penny Dinner Scheme
14 November 2020
  Extract from Walfird & The Bould Bhoys: Celtic’s Founding Fathers, First Season & Early Stars (Part of Chapter 21: Brother Walfrid – The Key Founding Father) … Ten years into the role as Headmaster of Sacred Heart, Brother Walfrid was increasingly faced with the challenges arising from a trio of issues – the appalling social conditions of...
The Football is important, but the Celtic experience is More Than 90 Minutes
12 November 2020
  There are multiple historical facets to Celtic Football Club - charity, Irish identity/culture, Irish Republicanism, Catholicism, inclusivity, winning football and attacking football (The Celtic Way) These factors combine to create a passion within the faithful which generates a world famous atmosphere and dedication beyond the call of duty Meanwhile, those from...
More than 90 Minutes
7 November 2020
  Another packed edition of More than 90 Minutes (Issue 111) is now on sale with plenty of opinion pieces and historical articles for Celtic fans to enjoy At a time when performances have been more down than up Rachel Lynch joins the Lennon In Lennon Out debate while Tommy Sheridan continues to back the manager More than 90 Minutes Issue 111 Print  Dick...
Celtic Love Rekindled in Lille
30 October 2020
  The Celtic players looked out on their feet last night at full time after each and every one of them put in a performance they can be proud of yes they made mistakes which led to the goals and yes the end result was bittersweet after an outstanding first half performance which had me up on my feet dancing around the sitting room More than 90 Minutes Issue 111 Print...
The Tragic End of Sunny Jim
26 October 2020
  It is almost a hundred years ago, but the end of Sunny Jim Young remains one of Celtic's saddest days Sunny, a fair haired right half and latterly captain of the team had played for the club from 1903 to 1916, during which time the club had won an unprecedented amount of honours, and were at times, quite correctly, considered to be the greatest team on earth The...
Poor Defending, Fake News & Soulless Social Media
25 October 2020
  Life’ s a pain in the arse with this Covid-19, where once we were packing carry outs and sandwiches for the early bus to Aberdeen now we are killing time waiting for a noon kick-off Walking dogs and cleaning kitchens Glasgow Celtic T-Shirt / Green    It’s even worse when Celtic have a dark cloud hanging over them brought on by poor defending...
No team has a God-given right to be Champions – You have to earn it
25 October 2020
  Season 20-21 has been set up as being a dramatic and triumphant year-long procession to a tenth title in a row, Celtic have been on an un-merciless new millennial of unmitigated success, 15 titles in two decades, two lost by a goal on the last day of the season and three 09-11 lost by a few points, the 'Bears' last stand! Nine Scottish Cups and probably 10 before...
AC Milan – A Massive Challenge
22 October 2020
  I can’t remember being so deflated after a Glasgow derby Celtic’s performance against the Rangers on Saturday was terrible but tonight the players get a chance to put things right with the fans they let down at the weekend Rude Bhoys T-Shirt |Green (Pre-Order)  AC Milan is a massive challenge especially in an empty stadium when you compare the...
Marching with O’Neill- 20 years on
14 October 2020
  I suppose like everyone else the first thoughts of all of us are with people who have been directly affected by this horrific pandemic over the last couple of months Little did we think leaving Paradise after the St Mirren game on March 7th that we would very possibly not see the famous old ground again for the rest of the year More than 90 Minutes Issue 110...
Lockdown Letter from Sardinia, 1470 mile from Paradise
13 October 2020
  The recent quarantine period has put a strain on our psychological and social resilience While from Ireland and Scotland I was receiving notices of some liberties still allowed (such as the possibility of exercise outdoors and away from home), the situation here in Italy was quite different Being the first European nation hit hard by the virus, the measures were...
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