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16 April 2024

Issue 132 of the fanzine is now available to buy in print and digital format.

Inside the latest issue

Celtic fans Stateside are getting excited about Celtic’s return to North America, we look ahead to the tour. We are now at the business end of the season and we look at this season’s up and downs.

The 12th Lion, John Fallon reflects on recent games as we race for the title. Former Professional Boxer, Gary Murray is in conversation with Milish. Paddy McMenamin looks back at the previous title races and he also reflects on Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan and their battles with Celtic.

Eoin Coyne writes about the this season’s comings and goings including the departure of Mark Lawell. Adam Idah’s contribution to Celtic in a short time is covered by Rachel Lynch.

Actor Simon Weir appears in the First Time and Robbie Bonfield from Brian Hogan CSC features in our first, worst and leave the best till last.

The Shamrock fanzine give us an update on what they have been up to and we take a walk around Glasgow with Celtic Walking Tours.

The Potter Archives feature a Celtic daft goalkeeper and The king of kings. Plus all the regulars Talking Celtic, Tim Molloy, If you know your history, Since last time and much more.