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Monthly Archives: May 2021

The Glemmalure Gazzette Revisited
celtic am
14 May 2021
Celtic Soul Podcast Episode 68 with More than 90 Minutes, Editor Andrew Milne chatting to Jason Maloney If football teams were people then Jason Maloney would be married to Shamrock Rovers but he would also keep Celtic as a Mistress  and would enjoy the occasional fling on football weekends around Europe on his many travels over many years Jason could be described as a...
Glasgow Poet, Erin Bolye’s Tribute to BROONY
celtic am
12 May 2021
Glasgow Poet Erin Boyle's tribute poem to...
Patrick O’ Connell the story continues ……
celtic am
7 May 2021
  An incredible story, of how ordinary football fans brought the forgotten story of Patrick O’Connell to the World and how their hard work would lead to a 2 hour film to get the story out to a bigger audience Worldwide about the Irish man who saved Barcelona More than 90 Minutes Issue 114 Print...
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