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Monthly Archives: April 2020

The Celtic Trust 20 years on
20 April 2020
  Like every anniversary, the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Celtic Trust was a time for reflection, for assessment, for remembering and to think about the next step  In our case, the year running up this occasion was also marked with the sadness of the loss of our Chairman Tommy McGonigle, who died after a short illness having served the Trust with energy...
Celtic 1920 – Football, Black & Tans and the Spanish Flu
19 April 2020
1920 is a hundred years ago Like 2020, it was a strange time The world was upset, in chaos, disorder and tumult A better world was possibly emerging, but it didn't necessarily look like that at the time Issue 107 Digital Edition The main definition of the age remained the Great War It had been over for more than a year now but its effects were everywhere Injured men,...
18 April 2020
  Prior to 1966, the Scottish League and Celtic were hardly on speaking terms! Since the Second World War, the League had been won only in 1954 What was even more disturbing was that only in 1955 were Celtic even second in the Scottish League In other words, we were never even close! But 1966 changed all that and changed it for ever Celtic Soul T-Shirt |...
Lockdown Chat with John Fallon – The Original Holy Goalie
15 April 2020
Growing Up A Celtic Fan I was brought up in a family of Celtic fans, my father and brothers all supported Celtic, The first game I can remember was against Cylde in the 1947/48 season and that’s when I got the bug for Celtic and it has never left me Joining Celtic I joined Celtic officially in December 1958 I started off my underage football journey as a centre...
Scottish football CIVIL WAR. It’s not really a surprise, is it? 
14 April 2020
Nothing usually runs smoothly when you have a bungling organisation trying to get 42 self-interested clubs to agree on anything – let alone something which could see some awarded titles and promotions, while others face relegations and possibly even extinctions Annual Magazine Subscription Over the Easter weekend, we were left with: one club – who actually voted,...
13 April 2020
  The approach of Easter in 1916 probably did not mean much to the average Celtic supporter in Glasgow The only real difference was that Easter Monday (April 24) would be a Holiday (a rare event in wartime Britain) and that Celtic would be playing Third Lanark, after they had played Hearts on the Saturday Not that it really mattered of course, for Celtic, thanks to...
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