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Howe Celtic Fans Will Unite

6 April 2021


As we wait for the white smoke to confirm Eddie Howe as our new manager, we can rest easy that we won’t be linked now to a different manager every two minutes. The debate now surrounds when he will take over, will it be straight away or will it be in June. I think most fans would prefer if it happened now after John Kennedy’s failed dress rehearsal.

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From a business point of view, it would also make sense and it would seem foolish by Desmond Dermot and the board not to get Eddie and his backroom staff in place with Season Books to be sold for another season of uncertainty for if and when we can get back into watch football again in Paradise.

When Howe is announced the rebuild can begin as we also wait to see who will become head of recruitment or director of football or whatever the title will be.

It will be interesting to see with the departure of Scott Brown if Callum McGregor remains club captain or if Eddie Howe will have someone else in mind and will it be someone already there or a new player. Eddie Howe will have to learn pretty quick that the Celtic managers job and the Bournemouth managers job are completely different animals and winning games is what it is all about domestically and we as fans crave to dine again at the top table of the Champions League after having been starved in recent seasons. Next seasons Champions League Campaign will kick off on July 21/22 and the earlier he is officially appointed the better.

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The new manager will soon find out the part the media play in Scottish football and that the Scottish football authorities are no friends of Celtic. This season has summed that up with their approach to Covid breaches, one rule for us and another for them and let’s not get started on the standard of Scotland’s fast tracked bias referees who are known to support the new team in blue and are known to make honest mistakes.

I better stop I’m starting to get carried away, I really should wait to chat about the new manager when he is standing with a Celtic Scarf over his head when that takes place and I think it will go some way to unite the Celtic fans who have been divided over a lot this season but all have the best interests of the club at heart.

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Andrew Milne started More than 90 Minutes in 2001. He has written for numerous publications and online about Celtic.  He is a former newspaper columnist with the Daily Ireland and the man behind celticfanzine.com. He is host of the Celtic Soul Podcast & Celtic AM pre-match events at Malone’s in Glasgow on match days and follows Celtic Home & Away. He is a season ticket holder for Celtic FC and the Republic of Ireland. He is also P.R.O. of St. Margaret’s CSC, a member of the Celtic Trust and the Celtic Graves Association.

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