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Football is the most important of the unimportant things in life

27 April 2020


These are certainly unprecedented times we live in and I hope everyone is keeping safe and well, adjusting to a new way of life at present. Please God these short-term measures will pave the way to a healthy future for everyone.

I have been very fortunate at this time to remain in work unlike many.  The impact that this current health crisis is having and the devastation it has caused to countless families throughout the world is hard to comprehend.  One thing for sure I think many of us will appreciate after we get through this time is the joys of a day at Paradise that bit more.

For many of us that day starts more than twelve hours before kick-off and such rituals as packing the sandwiches, flasks of coffee and whatever took your fancy on the long road to Paradise doesn’t seem like such a chore now.

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The smell of the pie and Bovril, leafing through the match day programme and roaring the Bhoys on as they begin the pre match huddle are all the small things in life we’ll cherish that bit more. It can’t come quick enough. I wrote this piece on the eve of what would have been our Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden.

Only once over the last decade have we not reached this stage in the cup. The semi-final weekend is almost ingrained in us now as we continue on the road to the Cup final in May.  A trophy that has such historical and emotional ties with the club. Some of the most celebrated days in the history of the club have emanated from the tails of our “Bhoys winning the cup.”

A classic example of this is that on this exact date I write this piece ninety-five years ago was the famous “Patsy Gallagher” final as he somersaulted the ball into the Dundee net, a goal which has taken its rightful place in Celtic folklore. The Cup has given us wonderful memories and oh what we’d give to be complaining about all aspects of the Hampden Park stadium lay out tomorrow.

One of the very small positives of the past number of weeks has been some of the focus that we have seen showing some special games of the past. In the previous article I wrote for the More Than 90 minutes magazine I actually named the importance of sometimes enjoying the moment as a supporter as it happens and not always just looking ahead, which is a tendency I think of football fans in general (Little did I realise the time we would have to do that) but it has been great to look back at such days that have provided lifelong memories for so many of us.

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The truth is no one knows at the moment what way the current health crisis is going to implicate the football season, as well as how we watch football or travel to games going forward. Things will get back to normal though eventually and sport in general, particularly Celtic for those Celtic minded in our lives is going to play a pivotal role in transitioning us back to normality once again.

Personally I would dearly love us to be in a position to play out the current season and not allow any part of this seasons title win and how it will be recollected be dictated by our enemies going forward.  All we can do is wait and see how the next few weeks and maybe months pan out. Many years ago a man a lot wiser than myself once told me that “football is the most important of the unimportant things in life” and at times like this it rings so true.

Stay safe and where possible stay in over the next few weeks and roll on our days of sporting heaven back in Paradise. Keep The Faith Bhoys and Ghirls “For We Only Know That There’s Going To Be A Show And The Glasgow Celtic Will Be There”!!!

Ciaran Kenny is a member of Naomh Padraig CSC in Dublin since the early nineties. Ciaran is also a regular to Paradise and beyond since 1995, he is a season ticket holder at Celtic Park since 1999. and a Shareholder and also a member of the Celtic Trust. Ciaran has worked closely with the homeless services in Dublin City working with Don Bosco Care since 2001. Ciaran is also Chairperson of the Irish aftercare network which advocates for better outcomes for young people in care throughout all of Ireland. Ciaran has contributed to Mt90M since 2008.

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