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Following Celtic from afar – Southern Spain

25 April 2020


This is an article I didn’t think I’d ever have to write but here we are. Supporting Celtic from afar is something I had to do for about 15 years as my previous job working abroad made that obligatory. I moved back to Scotland in 2012 and subsequently purchased 4 season tickets straight away. It was amazing to be back at Celtic Park again. I missed everything that went with it. I also got to share the experience with my Children, which is something I’ll never forget, and hopefully they won’t either. They got to see the Invincible season and the iconic Lisbon Lion Tifo as well, which they were a part of.

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Two years ago though I moved abroad again to Spain, What’s it like supporting Celtic from afar again? I miss going to Malone’s for the Celtic AM pre match show and a pint. I miss stopping off for a couple of pints down the Gallowgate on the way to the Stadium. I miss the craic after the match too.

It’s not easy supporting Celtic from afar but what I have noticed is that no matter where you are in the World, there’s always Celtic fans about. I’m very lucky; I have a great bunch of pals here that are Celtic fans. We have a pub in Southern Spain dedicated to us where we can watch matches and we also have two or three in Gibraltar that welcome us too.

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Up the Spanish coast we have Simon Donnelly & Jackie McNamara’s pub Don McNamara’s in Fuengirola and we also have Lewis’s Irish bar in Benalmadena, which is excellent too. We have an array of places to go and fortunately now we have ex Celtic players who visit the Costa Del Sol for Sportsman’s nights.

All in all it’s not too bad supporting Celtic from afar. Of course I’d love to be at Celtic Park for every single game but unfortunately that can’t happen. As long as I have my pals and ex players that come over to see us, living and watching Celtic from Spain isn’t really a bad place to be.

Scott Alcroft is the author of the 3 Books, “The Bunnet”, “Hugo” and “The Factory Girls”. He’s written for a few Celtic websites including CQN & The Celtic Star and our good friends at  ACSOM (A Celtic State Of Mind).

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