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2 April 2021

Celtic Soul Podcast Episode 59 with More than 90 Minutes, Editor Andrew Milne chatting to Jacky Meehan

Jacky witnessed the most successful period in Celtic’s history from 1965 till 1974 in Glasgow before moving to Canada for a new life. Jacky is the former President of the North American Celtic Supporters Federation and a driving force behind the Celtic Conventions in Las Vegas.

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The Bhoys haven’t spoken since they met at Easter Road a few season’s back and catch up discussing the current state of play at Celtic and look back at some great moments in Celtic history for fans on and off the park. There is plenty of laughter as Jacky looks back at growing up in Glasgow close to the ground in Bridgeton and his passion for the club shines through.

Jacky celebrated his 12th birthday watching Celtic win the 1965 Scottish Cup Final and talks about following Celtic everywhere and enjoying the first 9IAR before leaving Celtic and Glasgow behind for a new life in Canada.

He gets back every year to Glasgow to take in a few games with Seville the highlight of his many travels home. In the early days Jacky would be on the phone to his brother in Glasgow if he couldn’t get a game on the radio and his brother would keep him updated throughout the 90 minutes.

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Modern technology means Jacky can now get Celtic news 24/7 but some of the lengths Celtic fans went to get to watch games in North America over the years is recalled by Jacky including  hilarious Police raids and chopping down trees!

Jacky chats about how the NAFCSC came about and some of the conventions in Vegas and elsewhere throughout North America and the Celtic players who have joined them over the years. Tales from Detroit, Las Vegas and New Orleans all get told.

The NAFCSC have donated quietly for many charities including to the families of two Celtic fans murdered in Glasgow. Sometimes these donations get over looked and it is good to hear that the wishes of Brother Walfrid are still alive and well in North America.

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Jacky Climbs into the Celtic Soul Time Machine and goes back to Las Vegas and also watching Bobby Murdoch his favourite player. The 1965 Scottish Cup Final, Milan in the Snow, 1989 Scottish Cup Final and Seville also get visited.

Three words sum up this conversation Family, Friends & Celtic

Andrew Milne started More than 90 Minutes in 2001. He has written for numerous publications and online about Celtic.  He is a former newspaper columnist with the Daily Ireland and the man behind celticfanzine.com. He is host of the Celtic Soul Podcast & Celtic AM pre-match events at Malone’s in Glasgow on match days and follows Celtic Home & Away. He is a season ticket holder for Celtic FC and the Republic of Ireland. He is also P.R.O. of St. Margaret’s CSC, a member of the Celtic Trust and the Celtic Graves Association.

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