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Calling it Out

19 May 2021

One club was formed with a charitable purpose to feed the poor immigrants and inhabitants of Glasgow’s East End regardless of religion, colour or creed. That is the DNA of Celtic Football Club. Some fans forget those roots and values when addressing the situation facing the refugees and immigrants of today.

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Real fans who know their history will remember we are from Irish stock, many compelled to come to Scotland due to a British caused famine, where once those refugees and immigrants were discriminated against due to our heritage and religion.

The other club in question was founded on Protestant triumphalism from day one and throughout my childhood refused to sign a Catholic player in a blatant policy of discrimination that fed into the terrace hatred that was accommodated and tolerated for years and still exists within the DNA of that club. The weekly boast about being up to their knees in fenian blood is not banned, condemned or eradicated by the club because their anti-Irish and anti-Catholic hatred is in their DNA.

When that club condemns the overt and covert anti-Irish bile and anti-Catholic tirades, much of it visited on my home by squads of cowards draped in butcher’s aprons for hours last Saturday, then I will take their anti-racism statements seriously.

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Do Celtic have some fans that are bams and shame the club? Yes. Is the extent of the problem similar to Rangers? Absolutely not. The culture of anti-Irish and anti-Catholic hatred is a sad and regular feature of Ibrox games and their support base. To deny it is to deny reality.

The Rangers were the best team this season and won the league deservedly. But nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies the constant and unchallenged anti-Irish and anti-Catholic bile that is spewed by so many fans. Discrimination in all and any form should be condemned from all quarters.

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Tommy Sheridan will join Andrew on the Celtic Soul Podcast to chat about the season, a hate filled Glasgow city on Saturday when Georges Square was turned into a war zone and punches and bottles were thrown freely under a chorus of F**k the Pope and Up to their Knees in Fenian Blood as videos emerged throughout the day of the chaos including one of the team while local business was forced to close as the centre of Glasgow became an open toilet and after they got fed up punching each other they turned their attention violently towards to the Police.

The bhoys will also chat about Palestine, Scottish Independence and the recent elections in Scotland.

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