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9 April 2021

It is very welcoming news that the Rangers are finally waking up to racism in football and maybe now they can start to get their own house in order and to address the racism and sectarianism problems within the club. It would be a positive step in the right direction if they would address the songs sung by their fans, the Nazi salutes made by their fans who have links to far-right groups.

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We have all seen the posts by some of their fans on social media regarding BLM and the taking of the knee and the anti-Irish graffiti that has appeared through-out Glasgow.

Racism on Social Media is nothing new decent people have been calling it out for many years. Social Media can be great, getting you connected with long lost family, friends and like-minded people but it can also be a filthy swamp with faceless accounts made for people who want to abuse and create conflict yet those who are responsible for these acts go unchallenged apart from a short ban and in most cases, those banned will switch to another account.

If you set up an account to put a bet on with an online bookies you have to input your details including photo identification so why can social media companies not do the same?

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As Celtic supporters also need to call out racists in our own support and maybe we should get a debate started on why some of our fans need to sing about Orange Bastards. We are a club for all and some of the club’s greats have come from the Protestant faith as have some of the great historical leaders of Irish Rebellion which we remember in story and song.

We as Celtic fans should be proud of our political and social stances over the years including the display of solidarity with the people of Palestine. The Green Brigade display caught the attention of the World and showed Celtic fans as more than just football fans. They told us that politics has no place in Sport and fined us but we responded by paying the fine and sending much needed money to Palestine charities.

The stance on Politics in Sport from the powners that be in football has all changed with BLM movement.

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Football is big business and big business is corrupt because money corrupts and we have seen that with the awarding of the World Cup to Qatar. Migrant workers have been treated very poorly while they build super stadiums in savage heat. An estimated 6,000 migrant workers from 5 South Asian countries have died since the country was awarded the World Cup and 37 have been killed on stadium construction sites.

Fair play to the Norwegian national team for wearing the T-Shirts with the slogan “HUMAN RIGHTS On and off the pitch”, I just wish more would follow their example. Maybe the reason that social media companies won’t put proper registration in place is because it would reduce the amount of account holders using the service and reduce the revenue streams it creates for the shareholders.

Andrew Milne started More than 90 Minutes in 2001. He has written for numerous publications and online about Celtic.  He is a former newspaper columnist with the Daily Ireland and the man behind celticfanzine.com. He is host of the Celtic Soul Podcast & Celtic AM pre-match events at Malone’s in Glasgow on match days and follows Celtic Home & Away. He is a season ticket holder for Celtic FC and the Republic of Ireland. He is also P.R.O. of St. Margaret’s CSC, a member of the Celtic Trust and the Celtic Graves Association.

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