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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Celtic AM returns with 1985 Cup Final Hero Frank McGarvey
celtic am
25 August 2019
We've welcomed the debutants on to the hallowed turf at Celtic Park, unfurled the flag celebrating our 8th championship title in a row & even had a momentary fall out with the team, management & board after a disappointing exit in the Champions League qualifier, but there is still one more sign needed to acknowledge that the new season has fully kicked off& that is...
Celitc AM is Back
celtic am
21 August 2019
CELTIC AM is back on Sunday for another season Join us at Malone’s for our pre-match event We are doing a special Celtic Minded 4 book launch with Author Dr Joe Bradley, contributors & special guests Dr Joseph M Bradley has published in a range of journals ia variety of disciplines, including sociology, history, race, nation, identity, ethnicity, politics and...