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24 July 2019

There’s only one Neil Lennon


By Vincent Doherty


There are friends of mine who felt the appointment of Neil Lennon by the Celtic Board showed a real lack of ambition going forward. Others were angered and annoyed by the fact that the announcement of the appointment was made on the same day we won a never to be repeated “Treble Treble”, thus distracting from the celebrations.


I understand their reservations and share their annoyance. Yet the fact is, Neil Lennon is our Manager and, like it or not, he has been a magnificent servant to Glasgow’s green and white.

Most of us are still smarting from what was seen as the false promises of a snake oil salesman, who despite waxing lyrical about his eternal devotion to Glasgow Celtic, was sneaking out the backdoor in the dead of night without as much as a second thought.


There are of course a few people who feel uncomfortable with the majority narrative, but it’s desperately hard to even try and justify what most of us felt was Rodger’s betrayal.


Whatever about the Rodger’s era, it’s history now. Neil Lennon came in at a critically difficult time for our club and managed us through the business end of a historic Treble Treble. At Hampden on Cup Final Day, I felt like he had brought back the thunder. We owe it to him, to support him in the coming weeks and months as we set out on another campaign. As we used to say first time round, “there’s only one Neil Lennon.”