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Postecoglou Positive Vibes

30 June 2021

The Australian recently finished his quarantine and he has taken control of first training sessions, he completed press conferences with MSM and met some Celtic fan media outlets last week



My first thoughts on Ange and indeed the new CEO Dom McKay, are positive. I was on the Ange train after he became the favourite for the job, I consumed as much content about him as I could and spoke to Japanese based journalist Dan Orlowitz and everything I heard and watched was favourable.

Having watched him talk to the media and fans media, he comes across well. Our own Erin Boyle was there to ask a question to Dom McKay and Ange, asking Dom about the clubs engagement levels was a good starter with McKay saying hopefully events like Fridays fans media event will be the start and also that he hopes the fans can be in the stadium soon.

Erin then asked Ange about the backroom make up, he hasn’t ruled anyone in or anyone out it seems and is going to take his time to evaluate the people there and see if any gaps need filled.


Postecoglou spoke several times throughout the event about his belief in attacking football and if they get that right then winning takes care of itself. It sounds like he expects a lot of effort from the players to fit his system, a form of 4-3-3, it may be similar to what we seen in the first couple of years of Brendan Rodgers style of play. He spoke about his late father and how he loved watching great attacking teams and that has led to him adopting this style of play, in which his father would have appreciated.

McKay, mentions buzz words like connectivity and modernisation several times. Which if they come to fruition could see the club become better with keeping fans in the loop. McKay said he was aware of Ange having spent time in Australia and Japan and said that when offered the job, Postecoglou did not hesitate, which for me is a good sign.

We saw Eddie Howe appear all but set to take the job only to pull out last minute, he doesn’t appear close to landing any of the English Premier League jobs on the go and in fact has done a similar thing to Crystal Palace several years ago. We may have dodged a bullet with Howe. Yet, Ange, didn’t hesitate. Leaving his comfort zone of Asian football to take a crack in Europe.


It’s clear the chase of Howe went on longer than should have been allowed and now Postecoglou has to try and instil his style to a depleted squad with a Champions League qualifier only weeks away. It will be a big task with a tougher start to the qualifiers than we have seen in recent years. The likelihood is that we will struggle to qualify for the Champions League this year, that would have been the case no matter who was the manager.

However hopefully by the time the league season kicks off the players will have had time to adapt and Ange had time to analyse the squad and we get off to a flier.

Mick Kane hails from Glasgow. He has been hooked on Celtic since he went to his first game when he was 7. Celtic beat Hamilton 8-3 at Celtic Park on the 3rd of January 1987. His favourite player at the time, Brian McClair scored four goals.

He started going regular as a 16 year old when Celtic played at Hampden for the season, being a Southsider it meant a short train journey to get to Hampden. From then he has had a season ticket travelled around Europe for games as Celtic became the dominant force in Scottish football again. A nice change from growing up during Rangers run to 9 in a row.

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