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More than 90 Minutes Match Day

11 August 2023

Technology has changed the way we get our fix of Celtic News since we started our Celtic Fanzine, More than 90 Minutes back in 2001. Social media means we can have news in an instant, it may not be true, it could be true  or it is true. When Donald Trump came up with his Fake News slogan his supporters bought it hook, line and sinker. Even though it was Donald himself who was the biggest petler of Fake News.

In our battle to keep our print copy of the fanzine alive we to have had to adapt. Issue 128 is currently on it’s way to the printers and the digital edition is ready for release. Websites, Apps, Audio Podcasts and Video have been added to the portfolio. The print copy survives because of two things Subscribers and Sponsors.

Covid put an end to ground sales and sales also dropped in newsagents which forced us into a re-think and we could not have been more surprised when print subscriptions hit an all time high as our digital foot print also grew.

We do miss selling at grounds when the weather was good and chatting to fellow fans but in the rain, snow and frost not so much. So we have decided to bring out a FREE matchday mini-zine with articles, previews with audio and video content included. The first one came out for the Wolves game in Dublin and it has been well received.

You can sign up for it on our homepage or click the link below and hit the subscribe button. We will continue to bring out the print and digital copy of the fanzine each month and hopefully grow the matchday minizine alongside the Celtic Soul Podcast and Celtic Fanzine TV.


Thanks for the continued support, for reading, listening and watching.

Andrew Milne is Editor of More than 90 Minutes and host of the Celtic Soul Podcast