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James McClean Interview

16 September 2023

James McClean  appeared on the Late Late Show last night for an interview with the new host Patrick Kielty

It did not surprise me to learn that this was the Irish international football stars first appearance on the show. James’s view on the North of Ireland would not have sat well with the out going crew of media gangsters who controlled who would appear on the prime time show in the past.

James is booed in every ground in England for his stance on wearing the Poppy and tonight he did not shy away from who he is and where he is from and what happened in his home city of Derry and the crimes that were inflicted on the community by the forces of the crown.

Now plying his trade at Wrexham. He spoke about the sectarian abuse he has received while playing in England, his daughter and his own autism diagnosis and was very diplomatic when asked about Ireland manager, Stephen Kenny.

The new presenter of the show knows what it is like to grow up in the North. His father, Jack was shot dead by the UFF/UDA IN 1988.

Andrew Milne is Editor of More than 90 Minutes and host odd the Celtic Soul Podcast