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Dublin Hoops Fan Home after Rovers Away Day Ordeal

22 July 2022

Dublin Hoops Fan Home. While Sligo Rovers fans were enjoying themselves in Glasgow’s Celtic bars before their Europa Conference clash with Motherwell. When the news broke that a Dublin Hoops fan was FREE, Daniel Fulham had been released from a Bulgarian Jail.


Daniel set on his long journey to the Bulgarian city, Razgard and nothing could have prepared him of what was to follow. He even made it on to RTE 1 Six’ O’clock News!

He was admitted to Bulgaria on his passport on route to the game via Romania. It was a different story on the way back. He was arrested trying to cross the border with his mates.

The border Police did not believe it was him in the picture in the passport. As Celtic fans we are well used to travelling in Europe and suffering defeat. Before making the dreaded long journey home sometimes worse for wear.

Shamrock Rovers fan Daniel had watched his team lose 3-0. The first leg of Champions League qualifier against Ludograts gives Rovers a mountain to climb in Tallaght in the return leg.

Most of us have been there, hungover with a journey over land and sea ahead. The morning after the night before. Some times it’s a case of a number of airports and a kip of a hostel. With little or no sleep. Well we all need to keep costs down.

Football fans do end up in jail, some for being naughty. Others for being drunk. But not many get banged up for impersonating themselves. Thankfully there will not have to be a campaign to FREE THE ROVERS ONE.


After Rovers officials acted swiftly to get him released.  They got politicians and Government Minister, Simon Coveney involved. Ireland footballing legend Robbie Keane was allegedly on the case. Even Celtic and Bulgarian Legend Stan Petrov got involved.

Hardcore Rovers fans booked up after their recent Malta adventure. They flew into Romania, hired a bus for the 140k drive to Razgrad. It was business as usual until the return leg of the journey.

It all went Pete Tong when Daniel got lifted for being himself. He will laugh at it in time but it must have been a frightening experience. After being held for two hours the rest of the Rovers crew were allowed to continue on their journey without Daniel.

I love football away days and I’m looking forward to reading and hearing more about when the Dublin Hoops fan was FREE.. Thankfully the Dublin Hoops Fan Home.