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Celtic Away Days Leipzig – We Go Again

5 October 2022

I left the Celtic fans partying last night just off the main square here in Leipzig. I thought the craic and singsong was good in the pub until I walked outside and was met with a sea of green and white Celtic clad fans in full voice and enjoying the party.


The team hotel was pointed out to me by a mate earlier and if it is where the team are staying they would have heard the vocal support into the early hours of this morning. Leipzig is certainly Green & White at the moment.

For many the party kicked off in an Irish bar across the road from our hotel until it ran out of beer and had to close as I passed it last night they were restocking and cleaning it for what should be another bumper day for the hospitality trade in the German city.

The atmosphere was helped last night by Liverpool 2-0 win at Anfield over the Rangers watched by hundreds of Celtic fans over here. Liverpool could have put 6 past them if it wasn’t for poor finishing.

There was a lovely vibe about the place, no tension like in Warsaw the night before the game in the old town on our last European away day a few weeks back. There was a very low key Police presence.

The Police it would seem had a busier night in Liverpool. Just when you thought that Sevco fans could not stoop any lower news came through on social media that they had brought with them to Liverpool laminated Sun Cover the Truth which blamed the Liverpool fans for Hillsborough.

A despicable act carried out to increase tension and hurt the families and friends of the 97 fans who lost their lives.


Thousands of more Celtic fans will be arriving in the city today and heading for the town square like the last time we visited. Many have based themselves in Berlin and its trains, planes and automobiles for many others who set off in the early hours of this morning to be here to cheer on the bhoys.

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