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23 July 2019
Text/ Ciaran Kenny

The Celtic are back!!! For many within the Celtic support season 2018/19 is all about the drive to get 9 in a row. Twenty-three years ago in the Summer of 1996 and all the talk was also about 9 in a row. Not in anyone’s wildest dreams then did we think the shoe would be on the other foot and we would be looking to once again match the record set by the irreplaceable Lisbon Lions.

That Summer in 1996 for the Celtic Faithful was full of hope, expectation, excitement and if the truth be told ultimately fear. Fear of them getting the nine. The record set by the Lions, which began away to Clyde in September 1966 and culminated away to Falkirk in April 1974 was cherished by us all and in many ways reflecting back 23 years ago the fear that Rangers (1872) would match the Lions record saw many of us blinkered to the progression made by the club that ultimately would see Celtic become the dominant force domestically as well as having a number of fantastic European voyages at the turn of the twenty first century.

The prudent approach to all aspects of the club at that time is a far cry from the financial mismanagement that appears to be taking place at the club currently playing at Ibrox. Liquidation of the old club in 2012, if the truth be told brought many of us great joy to see an institution, rotten to its core crumble. Ten in a row will be the final straw for Ra Peeople.

What a chance we have over the next couple of years to bring immense joy to the faithful. Never forget the dark days and soak up these wonderful Times. The banner after the last Huns game at Paradise said it all “False dawns and Hun tears, Long Live the Glory Years”. Get inta them Celtic!!!