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Celtic AM Special at Murphy’s Pre-Match Line Up

celtic am
17 February 2022

Join us at Murphy’s Glasgow before Celtic take on Bodo Glimt as we launch Paddy McMenamin’s new book From Armed Struggle to Academia and chat to Paddy about his life. Hosted by More than 90 Minutes Editor Andrew Milne he will also be joined for a chat by Lisbon Lion, John Fallon and Celtic Minded Author Doctor Joseph Bradley.

August 1969 the age old conflict in Ireland erupted once again, Paddy McMemnamin was 15 as he manned the barricades in Belfast after a sectarian anti Irish pogrom by loyalists, the RUC and the B Specials. Three months later in November 1969 he was amidst a 75,000 passionate crowd at Paradise as Celtic defeated the Eusebio inspired Benfica in the European Cup, two events which have shaped his life in the past 50 years.