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Bollingoli needs a good Boot in the Balls

11 August 2020

Last week I wrote about the Aberdeen players who needed a kick in the balls from their fans who had splashed out on season tickets to back their team without knowing when they can return to the stadium instead of watching on a streaming service via the virtual season ticket.

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This week I and many other Celtic fans would like to boot Boli Bolingoli in the balls, what an idiot. Another professional footballer acting unprofessional, acting like a child and acting like a complete prick.

Not only has his selfish actions put his team-mates and their families at risk he has now forced the Scottish Government to give the whole of Scottish football a yellow card. One more action like this and it could be a red card for all of Scottish football and any chance of fans getting back into stadiums.

After the disappointment of Sunday, we were all looking forward to sitting down to watch the St. Mirren game and hopefully see the bhoys bounce back with a positive response but now because of his actions both the St. Mirren and Aberdeen games have been postponed. If Sunday proved anything it’s that the players need match time and minutes in the legs. You can train everyday day, but nothing beats a competitive match for sharpness.

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Thankfully the Champions League qualifier against KR Reykjavik is going ahead at Celtic Park on Tuesday August 18. You could see how disappointed Neil Lennon was with the actions of Bolingoli during today’s press conference.

Why would you go to Spain for 1 day? makes little sense! If he was meeting with another club he could have done it through zoom unless he was being shown around, I’m sure it will come out in time but for now I don’t see him pulling on a hoops jersey soon and I hope he gets a red card from Peter Lawell.

Andrew Milne started More than 90 Minutes in 2001. He has written for numerous publications and online about Celtic.  He is a former newspaper columnist with the Daily Ireland and the man behind celticfanzine.com. He is host of the Celtic Soul Podcast & Celtic AM pre-match events at Malone’s in Glasgow on match days and follows Celtic Home & Away. He is a season ticket holder for Celtic FC and the Republic of Ireland. He is also P.R.O. of St. Margaret’s CSC, a member of the Celtic Trust and the Celtic Graves Association.

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